The great thing about digital marketing for recruiting potential applicants is we can target where people live, their gender, age, education, and interests that would indicate blue-collar or white collar preferences. With that said, let’s dive into the various methods of digital marketing we implement to direct potential new hires to our clients.

SEM: Search Ads are the cornerstone of most recruitment campaigns. Search Ads allow you to put your message directly in front of those who are actively looking for the position you are looking to fill. These people could be in your area or looking to move to your area. With an Elixir Campaign we’re able to use our technology to optimize the advertising efficiency based on who is responding to your offer. With Search Ads we can track all results including calls and form submissions to measure performance. A Search Campaign can be run continuously or intermittently based on your needs.

GeoFence: GeoFence ads are banner ads served on mobile devices who have been tagged after entering a geofence targeted location. We can draw a line around a business or location and then potentially serve ads to those who have entered that location. This allows recruitment ads to be targeted towards competitors, schools, or any location where your potential employees may gather. We’re able to track any leads that come from clicking through to your site via Search Ads, and we can also track if anyone served an ad physically shows up at your location. GeoFence Ads provide location based targeting and tracking.

Social Ads: Social Ads like Facebook and Instagram provide a relatively low-cost outlet for putting your recruitment message in front of potential hires. By utilizing look alike and retargeting features you can over time develop a robust target group for potential new hires. ReachLocal offers its own Smart Social Ads that uses our technology to optimize spend across all the various ad sets on Facebook and Instagram steering the budget towards the ads that are driving the most conversions.

Spotify: Spotify is growing exponentially as a source for recruitment. With its targeting abilities you can potentially narrow in on the types of people who would be most interested in joining your organization. Spotify ads, like traditional radio, are great for telling your story in 30 seconds. You can control the creative and the messaging to invoke the desired response.

YouTube: Like Spotify is a growing source for recruitment. Given the targeting capabilities with YouTube, you can deliver your message to those who most likely have an interest in the role you are looking to fill.

OTT: Streaming Ads also provide in-depth targeting segments as well as very specific geographic targeting which can be extremely advantageous recruitment advertising.

And lastly, Targeted Email: Targeted Email allows you to target people based on their current employment status and role. One of the benefits of targeted email is that it’s the only product that comes with guarantees! Every email campaign is guaranteed a 10% open rate and a 2% click through rate ensuring you will drive some measure of response.

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