search engine optimization


Our SEO services start with a comprehensive evaluation of online business strategy, objectives, and metrics. We evaluate your brand presence online, find actionable keywords for your business, and dissect your search competition for link analysis and keyword usage. First the horse, then the cart. If your online strategy isn’t based on real online intelligence, what is it based on?

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Elixir Web Marketing search engine advertising service puts your ads on top of search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo! This is done in concert with dozens of local directories so you reach more searchers. We create high-quality campaigns that work for you. Our digital marketing experts and industry-leading technology work in tandem to optimize your campaign and bring you more customers.

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With the growth of online content playing the central role in attracting customers, the use of sponsored content as a marketing channel will undoubtedly continue to grow as well. It is a proven revenue producer for publishers who have previously struggled to make money on the web.

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