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Elixir Web Marketing search engine advertising service puts your ads on top of search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo! This is done in concert with dozens of local directories so you reach more searchers. We create high-quality campaigns that work for you. Our digital advertising marketing experts and industry-leading technology work in tandem to optimize your campaign and bring you more customers.

Our search marketing solution combines our marketing expertise and advanced technology to optimize your marketing dollars driving more leads to your business.

Let Us Do the Work. Our Marketing Experts use our advanced technology to manage your search marketing campaign based on your specific sales objectives and budget.

Trust in Our Partnerships. We are Google, Yahoo, and Bing optimizers. This means the major search engines recognize us as utilizing best practices to maximize results for our clients.

Protect Your Quality Score. Search engines have a complex algorithm that determines Quality Scores for all of your campaigns. That score factors significantly into the price you pay per click. Our Marketing Experts consistently work to improve those scores.

Get Cost-Effective Leads with our solutions that ultimately translate to you paying less for leads like calls, emails, and form submissions.

Rely on a Company with a History in Local Business support. We’ve been helping local businesses for over 10 years with their search campaign objectives. History shows that we know your business.

Our technology is optimized up to twice daily across all publishers. We drive traffic to the best performing keywords and publishers and eliminate waste on poor performers. Whatever is converting best is where your ad budget will be directed.

From our data we customize a list of geo-targeted keywords to target, helping you drive more leads and capture new customers. With transparent reporting using online and mobile reports, you can view data such as site visits, calls, emails, forms submissions, and listen to recorded calls. This way you always know exactly how your campaign is performing.

For a Mobile-Optimized Experience, we use Google’s expanded text ad format, allowing you twice as much ad text. Your ads can be set up so mobile searchers can click to call or text you directly from your ad so you don’t miss a lead.

Our chat agents can manage incoming texts from your ads (and help to capture lead info) with our ‘text-to-chat’ feature. Text exchanges are managed and saved allowing you to keep those business texts organized in one place vs buried in a cell phone.

Our Work

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Search results for a keyword we targeted showing high google rankings.
Screenshot of CallRail's detailed activity log.
Call Rail will send calls to your email with detailed information and recorded calls and voicemails.

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