Project Description

Located: Seattle WA
Year Founded: 1929
Business Segment: Energy
Target Audience: Commercial & residential biodiesel, oil, propane consumers

Genesee Energy

Wanted: Genesee, a third-generation family-owned business, has been a pillar in the community and was already well known and highly regarded for being the company that provided “the warmth you come home to” for more than 85 years. Having even a street named after them, they didn’t need Monster Tamer to put them on the map, so to speak. However, as the consumer market for energy continued to evolve, Genesee wanted commercial and residential prospects to know that they are on the leading edge of green energy and sustainable fuel sources.

Provided: Monster Tamer spent the necessary time with Genesee to become educated on the energy market and the elements that determined the lay of the land for various fuel sources. Then, as geographies were prioritized, an intelligent and customized plan was crafted to address the various markets specifically with relevant content that not only increased awareness for standard fuel options but also educating and gaining ground with those customers and prospects who were environmentally conscientious and well-suited for sustainable fuel sources.

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